Lori White  A+
I loved Lori.  She did my trial the day before and then on the day of also did my Mom’s makeup.  It was nice having great hair/makeup 2 days in a row ☺  She was great to work with and I would recommend her to everyone.

WestJet A
My biggest stress was whether they would let me carry my dress on the plane.  I was relieved when the stewardess told me to hold my dress until last.  She was able to put it in an overhead bin by itself.  I had brought a portable steamer but was shocked when the dress hardly needed it.  Yeah, was able to save some money on steaming services ☺

Bell Trans A
I ordered an airport pickup online for $65 prepaid.  This price couldn’t be beat.  The shuttle bus was plenty big enough for the 16 of us that travelled together.  The driver was waiting for us at the baggage claim. Totally worth it.

Earth Limos B-
Had the 26 passenger party bus (although there is no way it would have seated 26 people) booked for 4 hours – to take guests to the chapel and go on a strip tour after ending at Maggiano’s. I had great dealings with them leading up to the day and really it all worked out as the bus looked good but some things still bug me.  I found out the day before that the groom had to get to the chapel a little earlier than I had planned.  So I literally needed the bus for an additional 10 minutes.  They came early as planned and I assumed we still had it till the original end time.  I was wrong.  The guy was kind of a jerk about it and wouldn’t give us extra time even if we paid – so we ended up at Maggiano’s early.  Speaking of pay, I guess I should have asked whether they needed the money upfront.  It was a cash sale I had negotiated with tip included.  However, I had the cash on me and I wasn’t getting on the bus till after the ceremony.  Guess the driver wanted the cash so one of my guests spotted the groom the cash.  Problem was they gave an extra $20 tip because no one knew it was included in the price he said.  Wouldn’t have been a big deal if he had given us the extra time but he got $20 for nothing at all.  I had told all my guests about the party bus with a stripper pole – so imagine my surprise when I get on board and there is no pole ☹  I didn’t even figure out how to hook up my ipod and play music but no one seemed to care.   It also would have been nice if he had actually driven on the strip but he went the back way to everything.  

Todd Wilson A++
Totally enjoyed working with Todd.  We had him for 3 hours.  We met back at the Mirage after the ceremony.  We took some photos there then we went to the Sign.  We stopped quickly at Planet Hollywood and then headed to Maggiano’s.  While the guests went upstairs we walked over to Wynn with Todd and got some photos there.  Todd came upstairs and took some shots of the room, favours, etc.  I can’t wait to get back the photos.  I’m sure they will be FAB!  BTW, Todd actually handed a guest his camera so he could get his photo taken with my beautiful Marilyn Monroe bridesmaids ☺

Fontana Bar at Bellagio A
This was a great place to go for dancing.  I knew when we finished up at Maggianos at 10pm I wanted to walk down the strip.  So we walked back to the Mirage.  I changed into my sketchers - great idea :)  We all went to freshen up for a few minutes and then met in the lobby.  We walked from the Mirage to the Bellagio.  The bar has a patio where you can watch the fountains.  There was a great band playing current hits so we were up dancing.  It closed at 1am since it was a Tuesday night.  Loved it.  The decor was beautiful and we weren't out of place in our wedding gear.